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The Beta is coming

You may have noticed we have been very quiet over the last few months without releasing any updates.  The reason is we are on our final

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Update 0.72.1 Experimental

You can now download the latest Experimental build, non-Steam, via: This is mainly meant to be a bug-fixing update, but I got carried away and

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Development Update

At this point most of the random crashes have been fixed, except for the main, most frequent one that is the main source of the instability

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More News

Here is the latest news on the upcoming update, and what we are currently doing: Sam is finishing up with the part of the pathfinding system

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Update 0.67

Again like the last update, I have focused on making it more stable for now and avoided adding any major new code.  There are however a

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Update 0.64

Turrets are the main feature this time. They still need a bit of tweeking and balancing but you can now research and build them. Only crossbow

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Update Server Down

The auto-update server will be down for a little while while I migrate it to something better and faster.  This won’t affect Desura and Steam updates

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Update 0.62

Here we go, my main focus for this update has been to fix the worst problems rather than adding new stuff. The biggest fix was a

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