Steam Release

Kenshi is now on Steam! Maybe now I can finally buy a solid gold yacht that I need so badly:

Steam’s got a whole new alpha-funding category now, so Kenshi is on there.

Within minutes of going live, I’m surrounded by emails going “Steam key! Steam key!”.  Don’t do that, don’t do no emails!  Here is the deal with Steam keys:

If you bought the game already your Kenshi game key should work as a redeem code on steam, but NOT YET.  I have to set it all up, archive all the pre-sold keys and give them to valve etc.  So I’ll let you all know when it’s ready.

If you purchased here or on Desura, your key will definitely be okay for Steam.  If you bought on Gamersgate, I’m not sure yet, technical reasons, so wait and see.

The only problem is those who I had to personally give keys to.  So if you lost your key and I gave you a new one in the past then it won’t work on Steam because there will be no record of them.  Sorry about that, but please don’t mail me asking for Steam keys.  I don’t have time to copy and paste the hundreds of emails to respond to everyone AND make a game at the same time.  Be accepting of your fate.

But like I said, its not set up yet, so be patient, it’s all very logistically complicated and will take me a while.  Curse my human kindness!

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