You are not the chosen one. You are not special... Unless you work for it.

Survive and earn your place in a post apocalyptic, sword-punk style open world RPG where cannibals, slavers and man-eating monsters prowl

Grow Your Squad

No level scaling. Customize your characters and build their skills, RPG/ RTS style

Build, Farm, Craft

Create a base, fortify against raids, research industry tech, craft weaponry, farm the land... Or explore the world!


Endure crippling injuries, forge robot prosthetics, escape kidnap, rescue your squad and get them home alive

89% Positive Steam Reviews.

52 Hours Average Play Time.

"Kenshi impresses the bejeesus out of me. Given the opportunity, I’m confident I would play it for a year – more, even"

Rock Paper Shotgun, 'Bestest Best'


"84/100 - Work through the presentational ugliness and technical awkwardness, and you’ll find an experience of frightening depth."

PC Gamer


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