Press Enquiries

We’re always happy to provide preview codes or interviews etc. Please email Natalie at nat -at- lofigames dot com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Alternatively, for further info and assets you can find our press kit here.

Anyone who makes kenshi videos on youtube and wants permission to monetize them, go right ahead you have our permission- no need to ask.
*Note: Due to an influx of fraudsters, please use a verifiable email address if requesting press keys.


Please use our forums for support or general questions. You are likely to find your answers there already, its a really helpful place and we tend to deal with bug reports relatively quickly.

If you just lost your key (bought through and want it re-sent to you, send an email to orders -at- You will need to tell them the exact email address you used when you ordered, and ask them to re-send you your key

Other Useful Links

Kenshi Steam Page
Kole Hicks’ Audio Blog
Kenshi Niconico
SamFX Concept Art
Reddit AMA with Chris

Tutorials, Communities and Guides:

Basics tutorial (In French)
Kenshi Community Discord & Kenshi Original Discord
Kenshi World: Modding Guide & Fansite
Kenshi Beginner Guides
Kenshi Wiki



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