Lo-Fi Games Ltd – Fact Sheet


Lo-Fi Games Ltd
Bristol, United Kingdom

Founding date:
November 2011



Press / Business Contact:
dan (at) lofigames.com



Lo-Fi Games Ltd is a small and independent game developer currently working on its first game, Kenshi, a squad-based RPG set in a vast, dystopian ‘Sword Punk’ style open world. Gameplay is completely free-roaming and open, rather than restricted to a linear story: enjoy the freedom and potential to become a thief, a merchant, a warlord… or just food for the cannibals.


Chris Hunt, founder of Lo-Fi Games, spent his early 20s working as a game programmer but hated working on small cash-cow games which felt like a waste of time. In 2008 he left, working on Kenshi full-time while working night shifts as a security guard to make just enough money to scrape by. After being Greenlit on Steam’s Early Access in 2013, Kenshi raised enough money to fund a small team and finally reach it’s full potential. Chris strives to make a game he himself would want to play: His dream game.



Accolades Trailer

**Also available in Japanese, Chinese and Korean

Launch Trailer

**Also available in Japanese, German, French, Russian and Spanish.

Kenshi Release Date Announcement

**Also available in Japanese, German and Spanish.

Kenshi Beta 0.90

Gameplay Trailer




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Asset Pack

Download screenshot, gifs and logo files as .zip

Selected Articles

Purchase & Demo

Kenshi can currently be purchased from Humble Bundle, GOG, Green Man Gaming or Steam for $29.99. Free demo downloadable from www.lofigames.com.


Chris Hunt
CEO and Game Developer Extraordinaire

Oliver Hatton
3D Artist

Sam Gynn

Natalie Hunt
Dialogue and lore

Ionut Cava

Vitali Ivanov
Character Artist

Nicolo Zubbini
3D Environment Artist

Christopher Schlesag
Concept Artist

Junior Programmer

Victor Goossens
Technical Artist

Craig Tinney
Junior Programmer

Sarah Keates
Office Manager

Mohamad Rezazadeh
Lead 3D Artist

Patryk Wysocki
Lead Programmer

Dan Page
Head of Marketing

Guy Warley
Concept Designer

Avril Mc Govern
Admin Assistant

Paul Crilley

Past Collaborators

Otto Klevnas Klang
3D and Concept Artist

Maykol Irigoyen

Linda MacGill and Bug Zen
3D Artist

Gauthier Henrio
World Building and Lore

Kole Hicks
Sound and Music, Freelancer

Chris Roberts

Sam Hills
Technical Artist, Freelancer

Patrick ‘Vurt’ Anderson
Foliage Modder, Freelancer

3D Masala
Freelance Art Studio

Sergey Musin
Concept Artist, Freelancer


For interviews, preview keys or any other questions, please get in touch with:

Dan Page
dan (at) lofigames (dot) com

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