0.59.0 Update Released

This should stabilise the game a bit now, and solve the worst of the bugs. Hopefully this will be the last update for the next month or so while I work on a bigger one:

The cannibals got us

0.59.0 “Lockpicking”

  • -Added a direction arrow to the world map, so you can see which way you are facing
  • -Thievery skill is now active and applies to lockpicking success
  • -New lockpick skill training objects to be researched and built
  • -When a bodypart is wounded below 0 and left un-bandaged it will cause slow bloodloss until death.
  • -Upped the bloodloss rate again, due to popular request. It was mainly the horsechoppers that had a reduced blood-loss effect. The reduced bloodloss from cannibal cleavers is intentional, because they like to keep you alive…
  • -Upped the number of trader caravans a bit
  • -Improved trader and cannibal AI, stopped them standing around in the desert


  • -Fixed escaping from cages
  • -Fixed up the cannibal AI a bit more
  • -Fixed “reset squad positions” on import game
  • -NPC faction patrols heal you if allied
  • -Fixed the multiple plastic surgeon problem when turning up the squad sizes in the options
  • -You can no longer accidentally close shop doors

I will continue with bug fixes, but the next major update will have the new faction interactions, dialogue and assaults on your base!

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