0.95.18 Out Now (Stable)

0.95.18 is out now! This is now available on the stable Steam and GOG branches.


  • Added lots of new books and writings to the world
  • Bit more audio work, unarmed combat sounds added
  • Added sound emitters to buildings, foliage and map features, also building interior ambient sound variants
  • Garru now has attacks
  • NOTE: footsteps are temporarily inaudible in this version, will be fixed next updateFIXES
  • Fixed certain nests not spawning residents
  • Fixed criminals getting released from cages early
  • Probable fix for NPCs vanishing some time after being captured
  • Fixed a bug that stopped some of the biome entry conversations from triggering
  • Fixed carried dead characters being left behind when their old squad unloads
  • Fixed path following case causing character to stick on walls
  • Thief fences won’t freak out if you try to sell them drugs
  • Rounded health display text a bit so it wont stop at 99
  • Fixed build menu icon crash


  • Added a storage box for robotics parts
  • Fixed a crash in the construction set when opening dialogue objects
  • Doubled the “use” range of lights, in the hope it helps with lights sometimes being too far for engineers to reach
  • Tweaked food-finder AI to use closest food container
  • Removed the “no terrain cutting” from the options.  It was a debug option from a long time ago, and no longer needed.


  • Added an info panel in the FACTIONS screen that shows any contracts with NPCs you have, like for mercenary bodyguards
  • Added repeat option to the crafting queue
  • Added sleeping bags. You need to buy some of these, they can be used to create camp beds and are re-usable.
  • Camp beds now have half the healing rate bonus of normal beds. Healing rate now displayed in the GUI
  • Wandering squads should now go shopping and relax at the bar for a while when they arrive in a new town, they also prefer to wait until morning to head out again.
  • Number of materials returned when dismantling something now clamped to at least 1, so camp beds are now re-usable
  • Added a move speed option to match the speed of your slowest character
  • Characters now suffer a skill penalty when working in the darkness, now you actually need lights in your base
  • Stolen items can now stack if they are stolen from the same source
  • Sometimes abandoned buildings and ruins can have locked doors
  • Added tooltip in new game advanced options window and options windows, to explain some of the settings.
  • Added a physical item for money


  • Fixed a bug where your buildings could get tagged with the wrong town, causing the AI to refuse to work/eat/use things
  • Fixed some situations where towns clash, eg if a player builds a huge town, or builds too close to other towns/nests and building ownership can come into conflict
  • Fixed map stacking
  • Fixed repeated knock-out animation loops when attempting to stealth-KO someone
  • Fixed building swaps for buildings in other faction’s town.
  • Fixed crash dismantling building with mounted buildings. Also added some behavior.
  • Fixed dialogue log missing lines sometimes
  • Fixed an exploit where you could learn blueprints without buying them



  • Fixed a major crash
  • Actually added some money items to loot to some of the shops and buildings


  • Couple of stability patches


  • more stability fixes and small performance improvement
  • Fixed global fog blending between biomes
  • Reset global weather values (clouds, wetness, dust) when jumping long distances


Note: Please report any bugs or problems, or upload crash dumps to the Steam forum or official Lo-Fi Games forum so that we can fix as soon as we can. Thank you 🙂

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