0.95.25 Out Now

0.95.25 is out now in the stable branch; 0.95.26 in experimental. To opt in to the experimental version, right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”.

Latest Patch Notes (including the weekend updates that weren’t announced):


  • Hotfix for the bugged character editor popup window that was preventing new games



  • Hotfix for farm harvesting failing constantly
  • Fixed calculations for harvest success chance
  • added missing veg farns M and S


0.95.24 (again, un-numbered)

  • I accidentally included a test quicksave in the last patch which overwites the “quicksave” slot, this removes it to prevent any further save losses



  • Fixed cannibals never eating their captives, now they will eat one periodically, even if the cages aren’t all full
  • Fixed some missing squads + interiors in cannibal villages
  • New map town icons
  • Added SFX for picking up and dropping things
  • Fixed the weird spark particle effect in combat
  • Fixed apostrophes in text randomly appearing as big spaces
  • Fixed right click combat sometimes not working
  • Fixed crash creating navmesh for unloaded zone
  • Fixed crash when dismantling
  • Fixed dialogue system “give item” function
  • Fixed characters not moving if loaded in group movement mode
  • Fixed speedOverride causing npcs to run everywhere
  • Overhauled the buy-back function when trading, fixes a few bugs
  • Character appearance randomised on new game
  • Enabled walking on top of furniture
  • Improvements to the tutorials
  • Fixed the black sky bug on horrible old graphics cards



  • Stopped acid burning your feet when indoors
  • Stopped the empty context menus from popping up
  • Fixed shop window showing when looting a character thats getting up
  • Fixed Hub bar not reacting to thievery
  • Fixed failed right-click looting when stealing equipped items
  • Forced context menu on clicking cages and doors
  • Hats automatically hidden in character editor face/hair tabs
  • Fixed visual bug when multiple animals were trying to eat the same target

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