Japanese patchnote translation, with huge thanks to player Trantez.

Update 0.98.0 is out now on Experimental branch! 0.97.6 remains on the main stable branch. To opt in to the experimental version, right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. If opting in, please be aware of bugs, instability and unfinished content – for the best experience we recommend waiting for stable release.


It’s the best update ever. It adds and tweaks a lot of things that together change the game experience a bit. It’s a good time to try starting a new game if you were thinking about it.


    • when a limb goes below -100 damage, that limb gets amputated
    • lost legs means you have to crawl on the floor
    • 足のダメージがKOポイントを超えた場合も、包帯を巻かなければ地面を這うことになります。
    • robot limbs can be added or removed at a Skeleton Bed
    • robot limbs will affect your stats in various ways
    • かなり不利ではありますが、腕が1本残っていれば、地面を這いながらも戦うことはできます。
    • 切断された四肢が空を切って飛び、犬がそれを持って逃げます。
    • If your pet dog finds a limb he’ll get all defensive and keep running away with it until he finally eats it. Only happens with young dogs, so don’t worry he will grow out of it eventually.
    • 四肢を失う確率はオプションで減らすか、無効にできます。


    • クロスボウショップが点在しています。
    • You need ammo too
    • クロスボウと弾薬を基地で作成できます。


  • BLOOD!
    • 大量出血!
    • Blood gets sprayed on the ground
    • People get covered in blood
    • Blood pools grow around people who are bleeding out
    • 出血しているキャラクターが這って進むと、その後に血の道ができます。
    • 新たに18種類のヒゲと17種類のヘアスタイルを追加。Arkhielさんが快く提供してくれました。
    • 手描きのインベントリアイテムアイコンを追加。Diogo Santosさんが制作してくれました。
    • 辺りをうろつく盗賊団がプレイヤーの基地を襲撃し、基地を奪おうとします。盗賊が勝った場合、プレイヤーを基地から追い出して自分たちの住み家にし、持ち物や食べ物を奪います。基地を取り戻すには盗賊を排除しなければなりません。
    • HOLD button replaces the PASSIVE button. This puts characters into “hold position” mode. Stops your characters running off to fight, but now they still fight anything that comes in range. You can use this to position melee guys tactically, to protect your bow units for example, or guard a doorway. Also still serves its original purpose of keeping your weak workers away from combat.


    • When playing dead, you can switch to stealth mode and crawl around on the ground giving your buddies first aid or trying to escape without getting noticed
    • The travel shops now sell tent blueprints. These can protect you from acid rain when you are camping.
    • Slavers and Traders guilds have near 0 relations multiplier, so fighting them causes less relations loss but they assign bounties to you instead
    • Swearing filter is now removed from the game, but is still available in the options
    • Hivers now have proper face morphs for the character editor, they can have more variety now, go and give all your hivers plastic surgery cus they’re funny
    • When placing buildings, ramps can automatically change to the correct building for the snap target
    • Bandits now loot more food and take meat from downed animals, meaning they will eat your dog.
    • Idle characters now sit around on chairs in your home base. Looks nice, and is a handy way to keep track of who’s idle.
    • Using training equipment can now be set as a perma-job
    • Confirmation message added for when selling stolen items, to prevent accidents
    • New keybinds added for stuff in the “orders” panel
    • “Perception” stat added, affects accuracy with shooting in general
    • “Precision shooting” stat added, affects friendly fire chance
    • “Lockpicking” stat added, separated now from the “Thievery” stat, which now just covers stealing. This means that all your characters don’t end up inadvertently becoming specialised thieves as a result of escaping cages.
    • Thievery stat XP rate is doubled to compensate for the stat division. Lockpicking rate is the same.
    • “Crossbow smithing” stat added for crafting bows and ammo


    • A new AI sensory system change means that your squad now has to rely on line of sight, which should hopefully stop them running off over the hills to fight enemies
    • The Fog Islands have better natural resources, so it’s now a nice place to build. It’s lovely, you should move there.
    • Damaged robot limbs don’t degenerate
    • You now get a combat XP bonus when a character fights outnumbered
    • Disguises don’t count as disguises unless they reach over 40%
    • Skimmers are less edible
    • The “strong” new recruits are now weaker, because thats the spirit of the game.
    • Chance of death default increased 20%. You guys aren’t dying enough.
    • You can now camp indoors in old buildings and ruins
    • Overall toughness XP rate reduced by 28%
    • Campfire is now automatic cooking
    • Animals age 2x slower
    • Robots and robotic limb damage is now healed instantly, but wear damage rate has been doubled, and first aid speed is 0.33x slower


    • Weapons and armour are now almost quarter of the price. I think they were so expensive I never bought anything, just looted and stole, missing out on the joys of shopping.
    • Beefed up Armour King’s security, because you guys shouldn’t steal from him, the best armourer in the world, you should experience the joys of shopping.
    • Gear loot sell price penalty reduced a little to compensate for the cheaper prices
    • As a result of all the above, crafting gear is not so insanely profitable and riches are generally harder to come by
    • Animal skin is worth 8x more money, and makes 4x more leather. Hemp worth 2x more.
    • The prices of food have gone up 10% (because of Brexit)
    • Shops close 2hrs later
    • Stopped nearby towns having vastly different trade markups, trade profit margins are more distance based
    • Improved the shops available in the great desert area
    • Armour blueprints 50% more expensive
    • Chainmail sheets are less profitable
    • Beak Thing nests have more eggs, raiding them should be a profitable adventure


    • Fixed some bugs with the road based pathfinding
    • Turns out all elder animals were running in the opposite direction of their pathfinders. They were walking backwards cus they’re old.
    • Fixed path not changing when clicking on distant terrain more than once
    • Fixed prisoners reacting violently when you bust them out of their cages and calling you “intruder”
    • Fixed a bug with weapon stats within a manufacturing group all being the same
    • Characters can use medkits from their backpack
    • Fixed negative vendor money due to faction prosperity
    • Disabled ordering animals to pick up items
    • Slavers don’t magically know when a slave has removed their shackles when they are in a cage
    • Follow task leaves animals outside
    • visiting taxmen etc getting attacked by bandits won’t trigger a base assault
    • Fixed AI for the Splint job
    • Fixed AI continually stopping and starting crafting jobs
    • Fixed some bugs with the AI getting stuck with certain complex combinations of perma-jobs
    • Unconcious check for flashing portraits
    • Fixed some bugs with the dialog system picking the wrong target race or changing dialog targets to the wrong person
    • Fixed screen labels never disappearing
    • Fixed potentially infinite wolves
    • Fixed building limited item stack limits being wrong for some items
    • Fixed retreating campaign squads constantly activating when defeated
    • Fixed not being able to build in the corner of a sloping stationhouse
    • Stopped AI trying to put items in unbuilt buildings
    • An improvement to the spawning distribution of squads when multiple separate map areas are active
    • Fixed some disappearing prisoners
    • Fixed walls getting incorrect gatecode if next to a building.
    • A few audio bugs have been fixed
    • Fixed issues with prisoners going missing when the map is unloaded
    • Fixed a stealth XP exploit
    • Finally made a proper ragdoll for the Skimmers. I hate making ragdolls.
    • You can no longer build furniture inside incomplete buildings
    • Fixed slavemasters only gathering 1 slave for work
    • A few tweaks to the navmesh system
    • Lots of small bugs, tweaks and crashes fixed
    • Lots of new bugs and crashes added to replace the ones that we fixed


  • FCS
    • Fixed a bug with the word count in translation mode not including translations of deleted source lines
    • Enabled creating new wordswaps in translation mode
    • Fixed crash in certain older windows versions


Please report any bugs, gameplay or balancing feedback etc to either the Steam または Lo-Fi forums. Thank you 🙂

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