About Steam Keys

Kenshi is selling really well on Steam, it briefly got to around number 5 best seller, beating Tomb Raider for a while!


Most existing Kenshi keys should also work as Steam activation codes, but at the moment they only work if you switch Steam to “beta” mode.

Here is the deal with getting Kenshi on Steam:

  1. If you buy on Steam a window will pop up to show you your key.  If you get a problem where it just says “Requesting key”, you need to update Steam (In the menu, Steam->Check for steam client updates)
  2. If you bought here on the Lo-fi website in the past, you should be able to use your existing Kenshi key to redeem a Steam copy.
  3. If you bought on Desura or GamersGate, in the past or the future, you should be able to use your Kenshi key to redeem a Steam copy.
  4. If you buy here on the Lo-fi website now, you will now get an additional Steam key in your email when you buy.


I’m currently being bombarded by PMs and emails asking me for Steam keys, or saying that the keys aren’t working.  Now you know why, just give it time.  And know that every time you message me about Steam keys, a puppy dies.

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