Audio Update 0.50

The new audio update is now out on Steam and Desura!  
The update download is pretty huge, so if you don’t use the Steam or Desura version please download the new installer, the auto-updater won’t be updated for a while to ease the bandwidth load:

Kenshi 0.50.0
0.50.0 “Ears”

  • Audio! Sound! Music! Sound effects will be added to in future updates.
  • Armour crafting
  • Overhaul to armour and stats.
  • 11 new hats and helmets.
  • New game start-off: “Rock Bottom”
  • New character orders:
  • -Non-combat mode: Character only fights for self-defence
  • -Taunt mode: Character attracts more of the enemy attackers
  • -Chase mode: Disabling this stops a character from chasing after fleeing enemies


  • Fixed the bug with the inventory auto-arrange button permanently changing your character stats
  • Fixed blueprints loading/saving properly in your inventory
  • Fixed removing items from inventory not reducing encumbrance
  • Fixed the discrepancy in displayed research times
  • Improved crafting item delivery bugs
  • Fixed neck thickness bug in the character editor
  • Fixed GUI clipping on the crafting and research windows

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