Clearing Up

A lot of people are asking similar questions lately, and a lot of people are making the same comments too, so I thought I’d clear things up a little.

“Will there be a demo?”

Yes, the release will be a demo, unlockable to full game when you purchase.

“Do I pay for updates?”

No.  The first release will be $10USD.  Its only $10 because it is unfinished.  All updates are free after that, so you pay your $10 and thats it forever.  You are then entitled to free updates until you have the finshed game.  Pay $10, thats it forever.
Over time the price may go up as the game gets more finished, so if you buy it sooner, its cheaper, and also you are helping me out more.

“There is no blood?  Why no blood?”

There will be lots of blood, but as its really just a cosmetic issue, I will leave all that for later.

“Is it a MMORPG?  Is it multiplayer?”


“The terrain is all empty!  Its just an empty desert with nothing in it!  It has no shadows!  I’ve never seen a game without trees before! Etc.”

The game is not finished yet.  I don’t have time to make it pretty when I’m working on core mechanics.  When I finally hire an artist, I’ll get him to fix everything up real nice.  The terrain will be varied, and full of scrub, grasslands, rocks, dead trees, water, and all sorts of nice things.

I did have stencil shadows, but not any more.

I did have some simple stencil shadows, but then I needed the stencil buffer for something else.  Something sexy.

“So if I get wounded I have to limp all the way back to town, across miles of desert?”

No, you can heal up to an extent wherever you are and from that point on you will recover slowly.  You can also take temporary measures to fix up limbs enough for you to get back to town/base quicker, though that will slow down healing.  On top of that, in a later release there will be a fast travel option on the world map (similar to the map screen in the original fallout games).

“Its set in Japan!”


“Where/when is it set?”


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