Community Spotlight #8

What’s up, Kenshi fans, 

You folks should know what time it is. Time to return all those stolen Foodcubes, yes, but it’s also time for another community spotlight. Check out all the screenshots, mods and fan art that were shared throughout the month of April!

Content included in this video:


  1. Kappa: Creature Mod
  2. Bank Use!
  3. Base Recruits
  4. Better Hydroponics


  1. Behold, the cutest creature in Kenshi!
  2. They look like they’re having fun
  3. Rolling up with the squad
  4. Scoping out the area
  5. Too many skimmers
  6. “Storming in to kill some skimmers”
  7. Dusty Hill
  8. “Leave town and head south toward the sea.”
  9. Look at all that ground beef
  10. “Gut is a Nice Place”
  11. Friends crossing a bridge

Fan Art

  1. Great art style! 
  2. Is it safe here?
  3. “Esata the Stone Golem”
  4. “Cyiath’s Chronicles #1 – A tough start”
  5. Who’s gonna win? 
  6. Looking for shelter
  7. Who loves Chad?
  8. “Hive Prince”
  9. “Last Stand”

Content included in this video:

In case you missed it, we launched some sweet new merch on April 26th to celebrate Crab Day! Take a look at the kraken new designs we have for you!

Get your pincers on our new Crab Tournament shirt, hoodie pin

Or, you can rep our new Armor King shirt, and I think we can all agree, that it is a thing of beauty.

Feel free to have a gander at the rest of our merch!

We appreciate you taking the time to read this blog post, and, as always, if you would like the chance to be featured in our next community spotlight, keep sharing your work with us on social media and in our Discord server

Until next time, take care!

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