December Update

I got a bit carried away and I’ve added tons of new features to the game, but all those features still need proper finishing off and stabilisation which is why I’m not releasing it yet.  However christmas is coming and I’m thinking you guys would appreciate some new features to play with over the holidays, so I’m aiming to get the next update out for christmas, even if it means delaying a feature or two.

0.58.0    “Cannibal!”

  • Cannibal faction.  They capture people and take them back to their camps and put them in cages.  In future versions they’ll eat your guys one limb at a time until you can rescue them.
  • All NPC squads and patrols are persistent throughout the game world.  They don’t spawn/unload, they wander seamlessly.  If a town or faction suffers heavy losses, then you will notice there are less of them around.
  • You can now pick locks on doors and cages.  New “thievery” skill.  No stealth system yet though.
  • Beards!
  • Your characters have proper portrait icons on the GUI
  • More sound effects and tweaks
  • New weapon type- Cleaver
  • Weapon types now have different bleeding effect damage multipliers
  • Some passing patrols will heal wounded strangers (ie you)
  • World map color-codes towns and outposts so you know which are hostile
  • Female characters are now in the game (can’t recruit females in demo version though)

females in-game


  • Resource containers now have infinite capacity.  This stops AI production from blocking up and confusing both players and AI, and I think is a nice easy alternative to DF style leaving excess resource items all over the floor.
  • Fixed some bugs with Town markers, you’re less likely to create multiple towns by accident, or see a town from a past game
  • The game now keeps rendering when the window doesn’t have focus.  This will help those with multi-monitor setups
  • The science skill was increasing 10x faster than it should, that is now fixed.
  • Loading/saving fixed for when carrying characters / being carried
  • Fixed the right-click menu on character portraits not working
  • Fixed the game not being saved if you don’t enter a save name
  • Hopefully fixed the key-binding bug
  • Fixed ceiling fans appearing on the floor, but it will only fix new games or towns you haven’t visited yet
  • Fixed faction relations not loading/saving properly.


  • Assaults! Bandits and other factions will approach your base and talk, giving you a chance to grovel, pay, join or anger them.  This way you can avoid impossible fights at the early stages.  Diplomacy in Kenshi is all through face-to-face dialogue with NPCs.
  • Deferred shading system.  Night time will be darker, towns will be lit up at night and you’ll need torches to travel in the dark.

I hope to release it within a week, and then fix any major bugs before christmas.

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