Dev Blog #10: Assaults


This month we’ve been working on bringing back town assaults for release in the next update. Instead of random attacks like before, assaults will now be dynamic, they’ll come from an actual camp or town with a real population count. Basically, this means that you’ll have the option to destroy your attackers at their source, either by assassinating their leader or by just weakening their faction in general by wiping out large numbers of them.

Chris has designed 17 unique bandit groups so far, so we’ll eventually have a lot more variety than the standard Dust Bandits and Starving Bandits. We’ve got racist Shek warlords, sadistic nobles, extortionist mercs… attackers will be able to conscript victims to serve in their own army, or they’ll eventually be able to take over and occupy your town. Here’s the different bandit types we have planned:

  • Looters/Raiders – Hit & run attacks
  • Slave makers – Raid to enslave victims to sell to the trade guild
  • Extortionists – Primarily about dialog where they make threats and ask for something
  • Warlord – Conquer their target towns and occupy.  Tend to just conquer one or a few places and hold them
  • Ravagers – Conquer towns but just destroy and pillage them, then move on to the next.  Can devastate a whole biome.
  • Racist – Attacks/raids are triggered by the presence of a certain race
  • Conscriptor – Enslaves people but keeps them for own use

Environmental Hazards

Mike’s started updating our current particle system so that we can use volumetric fog (see our last Dev Blog) to create new types of weather effects and biome hazards. We also have a few mask designs which will be used to protect from these enviromental hazards:



Character Trading

We now have a new GUI window for trading characters. With this system, you’ll be able to rent mercs, bail your squad out of prison, buy your guys back from slavers… or even sell them off to the slavers instead.



Upcoming updates

For those of you who prefer frequent updates, prepare yourselves – our next few updates will be slow and steady with lots of new content every few months or so. Basically, less frequent updates will help massively speed up our progress until Beta… We’re determined to pick up our pace and hit Beta next year 😀

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