Dev Blog #5: Bug Fixings

We’ve been pretty quiet these past couple of weeks mainly bug fixing and preparing the slavery update for a hopeful release next week. Sam is still on the pathfinding (more details about that in our お知らせ) while Chris has been fixing bugs caused by the new content. He’s also optimised the AI system for a slight boost in performance.

Currently, there are three main things at the moment making the game run slow:

  1. The AI system has been growing too complex. As above, the good news is that this has been optimised now so it won’t be a problem anymore.
  2. The Havok system uses up a bit of CPU time and also causes framerate spikes by freaking out whenever a path fails. Sam is working on this with the pathfinding and it will be fixed shortly after the next update.
  3. The new terrain plugin has poor performance. This will also be Sam’s job to fix after he has sorted out Havok, possibly around 2 weeks work.

Maykol’s finished implementing the biggest changes in the new GUI – all the windows, panels and new character editor. Right now he’s focused on fixing small UI errors and details with Otto for the release. If we have time before the release, we’re planning on implementing pinned windows for the inventory and the stats, this should make it easier to transfer items between characters.

Oli has been refining biomes and created some super sized trees (you can see these in the background of the swamp screenshot). These are almost finished now and just need some hanging tendrils and vines added, roughly just a day’s more work.

Land-Images1 Land-Images2

And the Hive People from last week are almost finished! The models are now complete, they just need a bit of fixing to make them compatible with the character editor.
 Thank you all for waiting so patiently so far, hopefully if all goes smoothly we can finally get this out to you next week!

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