Development Update

At this point most of the random crashes have been fixed, except for the main, most frequent one that is the main source of the instability in the 0.70.x updates. (This is the crash that usually occurs randomly as a result of moving around the map or loading new towns).

The reason this pesky bugger isn’t getting fixed is because it happens in a Havok library, which is closed off to us. Meaning we can’t fix it directly and have to just experiment with different work-arounds and rely on Havok support for a fix. Havok are working hard on it for us, but until we get an update for this, it’s gonna keep crashing as much as it is.

But in the meantime we will carry on working on fixing all the other bugs and any other crash-fixes as usual. It just means that 0.70.x will stay in the “Experimental” branch for a while longer, ETA unknown at this point.

The forecast for the next month is mostly just going to be bug-fixing, although version 0.71 will have the new multiple squad management feature.

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