All buildings in the game now have doors.  It was not the most pleasant job to do, making a clickable door slide open is easy enough, its integration into the multi-threaded pathfinding system that causes all the hassle.  I’ve now got to integrate the AI with it, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

Why so much work just for doors?  Because it means when you buy a building it becomes a safe haven.  It won’t be in the first update, but you will be able to hide safely in your building and lock the door.  Enemies will try to smash it in while you can poke swords through or fire arrows from the roof.  When the game gets a night-day cycle the shops will all lock up for the night and you can pick the locks and steal things.  It also allows for town gates and prison camps later on.


So this next update will just add the doors in, with a few performance improvements and bugfixes too.  In the meantime I’m still working on building ownership.  Building stuff is now functional but there is still a lot of work to do, so I will probably start off by allowing you to buy certain existing buildings in towns, and then add basic facilities you can add like storage and beds.


In other news, my IndieGoGo campaign has run a little dry.  It doesn’t help that the major crowdfunding site Kickstarter gets all the traffic but only allows American projects, so I can’t use it, or even list my game on  There’s way too much discrimination going on for non-kickstarters, its not good.  Anyway its not that bad, my new aim is to get enough from it to license an audio engine Wwise.  I’m up to $1500 so far, thats enough for the $600 basic license, if I can get another $4100 I can get the Soundseed add-on which makes dynamic sound variation for things like footsteps and sword impacts, as well as generating wind effects (which I will need a lot of).

Door update is coming within a week, more fun stuff after that.

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