The next update will be 0.40.  Its going to add mining, farming, cooking, brewing, and research.  It might also add in-town building rentals, and opening shops and bars, we’ll see how I feel.

Let me show you some of what I have so far.

more base building
Ignore the bright green line.  The cool looking machine is your stone refinery.  Your guys or workers slave away at a stone mine, then put the raw stone in this machine, which will then turn the stone into building materials.  Then you can use the materials to build more stuff.

more base building
In the above picture you have a well in the foreground.  This is where you get your most vital resource, water.  On the right hand side you can see a farm, where you can grow crops.  You then take the wheat to one of the silos at the back to turn it into flour.
more base building
Then you can make some more useful stuff here.  You can use flour and water to make bread at the stove, or wheat and water at the still to make rum.  Rum can be traded for good money at towns, or can supply your own bar.
So its a little like Dwarf Fortress here, your guys will be ferrying stuff around a lot.  Don’t worry about the micromanagement though, the AI can handle most of the little things and collect goods etc as they need them.

This is just the first step, of course, the game isn’t all about farming, that’s just an option open to you.  These first parts are being done to give you some more options for making money other than random fighting and looting.  Later I will add ore mining, weapon and armour crafting, walls, turrets and defenses.  Everything will need researching, X-Com style, and as your machinery gets upgraded it will give faster results and need less manpower to run it:

research screen

Its going to be a good few more weeks yet until its ready for release, I find I work a lot faster this way, I keep my head down and just work and work.  No mini-updates, no news, just working on the game.  To you guys it always looks like I’ve given up or something, but its actually when I’m working the most, when you don’t hear from me.

So there’s my quick overview on the new features, the first steps to a whole new side of the game.

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