Kenshi is 55% off! Top tips for new players inside, new keyboard layout graphic & Community Spotlight #9

Kenshi - Midweek Madness Sale - 55% off, Plus: Top tips for new players inside & Community Spotlight #9

Steam Midweek Madness Sale – 12th-19th June!

Start your week on a high note with Kenshi at 55% off on Steam! That’s right! From the 12th till the 19th of June, you can grab the title that one player with 1,964 hours on record called “weird”. 

Our reviews speak the true true

With waaaaay over a million players, and a 95% positive review score from 69,000 reviews (nice), Kenshi might just be the non-linear, post-apocalyptic, open-world sandbox, base-building, limb-loss simulator you’ve been sleeping on.

If you’re sat on the fence, just listen to some of the many reviewers with 1,000+ hours in Kenshi:

“It’s ok I guess”  (1,147 hours)

“Pretty good” (1,913 hours)

“Please send help” (1,780 hours)

“It’s fine I think” (1,949 hours)


Still unsure? Check out our Steam page for trailers, screenshots and the usual bumf. Or perhaps watch this Cool Kid Croc video to see a brave attempt at a 100 day solo run. 

A brand spanking new Kenshi keyboard layout graphic

Here’s something for both new and old players alike – even the diehard fans might find something you didn’t know in here. It’s a brand-spanking new keyboard graphic (cue fireworks). Have at ye:

Printable Version

Getting Started in Kenshi

For those of you new to Kenshi…prepare yourselves for a harsh world with a learning curve that will hit you in the face, tie you up and then sell you to slavery before you’ve figured out whether that dog is going to eat you or not. 

A bit of help might be needed for this non-linear, free-roaming, open-world game where you can (properly) choose your own path. Don’t worry, we got you covered with this compilation of tips from our (sometimes helpful but usually meme-laden) social media

Even if you’re a hardcore player, there might be something of use in here:


You can construct buildings via the Build button, which is in the upper right of the GUI. Your character will need building materials in their inventory to complete the construction.


You can click and drag the jobs in your job list to change the order of priority.


Pressing the MEDIC button will order the selected characters to automatically heal all of their squad. If you shift-click the button he will be assigned to a permanent medic role.


You can set a character to BLOCK only, in this mode, they won’t attempt to make any attacks, but will gain +20 to their melee defence skill. It’s a good way to buy time when you are outmatched.

Playing dead

If your whole squad is taken down, any survivors will play dead until the enemy is out of range. You can force them to get up anyway by giving them an order, which will also improve their Toughness stat.

Removing shackles

Slave shackles can be removed by picking the lock, or finding a saw


Listen, a lot of people will tell you that the best way to make money quickly is to go mining for materials like copper, but we can assure you, Kenshi is not one of these generic mobile mining simulation games – there are a number of different and exciting ways to make yourself rich.

Acid rain

You can build a tent out of fabrics to protect yourself from acid rain out in the wild


In a life-or-death situation, Drop gear to lighten your load and run away faster.

Martial arts

Martial arts are about pitching the body against the enemy. Unarmed damage is based on strength and toughness.

Keep those doors closed 

If you close the door of a building then it’s harder for anyone to hear what’s going on inside.

Community Spotlight #9

Last but not least is this month’s community spotlight to share with you all, filled with an abundance of fantastic screenshots, fan art and mods! Take a look:

Content included in this video:




That just about wraps things up! Thanks for joining us today and let us know what tips you’d give new Kenshi players (even the bad ones). 

There are always opportunities to be featured in our future community spotlights, so keep sharing your screenshots, fanart and mods to be in with the chance!

If you want to stay up to date with all things Kenshi, then our social media channelsDiscord server are the places to be. 

See ya!

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