May Update: Equipment & Enemies

I suppose I should post these updates a little more because the site looks dead and it makes the game look dead.  The reality is I can’t be bothered because I’m too busy working on the game, so don’t worry- silence means progress.  A lot of developers will harp on and on about  their game and they don’t even have anything for screenshots yet.

Anyway aside from working on the usual bits like performance and feature-fixing I’ve been thinking about the gameplay, more specifically how to get some gameplay in there at all to get things started, while working around the limited features of the progress so far.

So I’m starting to add the core of basic RPG gameplay:  Enemies, and equipment.  Thats things to fight and gear to earn, stuff to do and stuff to work towards.  Its a nice simple start.

So I’ve started working on art for a while, purely for the purpose of creating lots of items and a few enemies other than cloned “bandits”.  I’m going to add some feral mutant-cannibal guys, and lots of weapons and equipment, and more character customising.  I would like to also add some creatures and beasts to fight with, but at the moment I don’t have the money to buy the stock art I need, so they will be on hold a little while longer.

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