Medical System Update 0.61.0

I had a random moment of genius and came up with this idea to revamp the medical system, I think it improves the combat and game balance pretty nicely.

I’ve rushed it out already because there are important crash fixes that needed releasing, but I also intend to implement leg damage properly, so you have to crawl if your legs are damaged.

Here are the new rules to the medical system:

  • If a vital bodypart (head/chest/stomach) goes below 0, then it causes a knockout
  • A knockout is based on a timer countdown.  The time is a total of all the characters damage, including bloodloss (head counts for double time, limbs count for half)
  • Once this timer counts down to 0, the character can get up again if his vital parts are still above -50
  • Vital bodyparts slowly degenerate when they are below 0 (unless bandaged).  So once its below -50, you will die without medical attention.
  • Once a vital bodypart degenerates below the -50 point he will go into a coma and can’t wake up until all vitals are above 0 again.
  • If blood goes below 0, he will KO.  However once the KO timer runs out and blood goes above 0 and he gets up again, the next KO point for bloodloss will be -25.  This allows him to fight a bit more, gets him closer to risk of death, and prevents the “constantly getting up then going down again in one hit” problem.
  • So a character can get up and fight again with, say, -30 chest damage.  He will go down again instantly if he is hit in the chest, and it will be worsening the whole time if he doesn’t get it bandaged
  • As before if a vital bodypart reaches -100 then it means death
  • If a non vital bodypart (eg an arm) goes below -100 then it will cause slow bloodloss until death.  Eventually I will implement severance, so -100 will mean you lose the limb and will need a robotic replacement.

The end result: 
After a battle, some characters may die, some may lose limbs, some will go into prolonged comas, others will recover and heal themselves or die later.  They never get stuck in a limbo state where they are unconscious forever.  Battles are more interesting.

New toughness stat:

  • I said before that you reach a critical point of no return when your health goes below -50.  That was a lie, the actual number is based on your toughness and can range from -10 to -80 if you are mega-tough.
  • Toughness stat is increased primarily by getting hurt.
  • Toughness has a huge XP bonus if you are fighting while critically wounded or crippled
  • You earn a huge toughness XP reward if you force your characters to get up and fight again while they are down and “Playing dead” so that the enemy leaves.  ‘Cus that’s a tough thing to do.  The bonus is also multiplied by how many of them there are.
  • Affects damage resistance instead of Melee Defence


  • Way more bandits
  • Stats window has more useful information, derived stats and training advice
  • blood recovery rate reduced from 0.5 to 0.3
  • Cannibals use clubs so victims don’t die on the way to the cages
  • Cannibals are a little stronger to compensate for using clubs
  • Fixed shopkeepers not coming back to their shops
  • Fixed stats of Sleeveless longcoat
  • Fixed that random crash that was going on
  • Fixed some rare crash on load bug

Environment WIP

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