Planned Features

Now I’ve gotten most of the major bugfixing out of the way I’m starting to improve the AI a little.  So far I’ve got AI squads working as a team a bit more.  After a battle a squad will hang around and heal each other before moving on.  Also when a whole squad is wiped out, if any characters happen to regain consciousness they will stay down until their enemies have left the area.  This sorts out the problem of defeated enemies suddenly getting back up and charging at you out of the blue.

-There is also a chance now that a passing allied faction will heal your defeated squad and save you.
-You will also be able to run up to allied squads and ask for help, they will then run off and rescue your wounded characters and fight off any enemies.

So aside from assorted little improvements, here’s the next few features I will be adding:

  • Beds will be functional.  Sleeping will speed up healing rate, but you will need to pay for the use of a bed in town.
  • Bandaging won’t be enough to get a character on their feet anymore (only a certain percentage of the bandaging will get them up, and thats based on medic skill).  You will have to carry badly wounded characters to safety, preferably a bed.
  • You will be able to buy your own building.  To start with, you will be able to have your own beds to heal up in, and storage for equipment.
  • Imprisonment.  This means characters, including your own, can be captured and imprisoned by enemy factions, by police, and caught by slavers.  So you could wake up and scrape your squad together after losing a fight and find you have a guy missing, and you will have to go rescue him.
  • You can gear out your buildings for research and crafting.  The higher level equipment in the game now will no longer be available in shops, and you will have to craft it.
  • Later on you will be able to use your owned buildings to open a shop, or a hospital.
  • Cannibals.  They like to capture people to use as a fresh food supply.  Don’t fall asleep in the desert without someone on watch.



This is a more generalised list just to show you what is planned for the game overall (in no particular order):

  • Lots more factions and complexity to the world, improvements to the AI
  • Nice big research tree and crafting system, with the addition of mining and paying for resources.
  • Ability to join factions and do dynamic missions for them.  AI factions will also give missions to other factions and NPCs, not just you.
  • Increased multi-threading.  Will mean that I can have a ridiculous amount of active characters at once, and there will be huge armies running around.
  • You will be able to build buildings out in the desert, and start your own outpost or fortress, possibly towns.
  • Building and town siege warfare.
  • The world map will be a lot bigger.  Towns will be procedurally generated, meaning I can fill the whole world single-handed and it will be different every time you start a new game.
  • Mining and farming.
  • Ranged combat.  Crossbows and harpoon turrets.
  • Unarmed combat
  • Thief skills, stealing, sneaking, escaping from jail.
  • Survival elements, you will need a supply of food and water, and need shelter to survive storms.  Endurance and fitness will factor in to combat.
  • Limb amputation, and robotic replacements
  • Blood sprays, splats, lots of blood
  • More animations to represent impact, injuries, damage and exhaustion.
  • Dialog system that will be linked into the AI.  Characters will say things at times based on their intentions, motivations, opinions and events.
  • More races are planned, other than just humans.
  • Doors to lock up your buildings, town gates to keep the bandits out.
  • Wildlife, creatures, monsters, herds.



This is not because I’m being lazy, just that these features are easy to separate from the main code, so are ideal to outsource and save me some time:

  • Dynamic shadows
  • Foliage, rocks, grass, stuff to fill out the map and make it actually interesting to travel.
  • Deferred lighting:  Means that I can have a nearly unlimited number of lights in the scene, and can introduce the day-night cycle
  • Pathfinding overhaul.  This will also get rid of those long Loading messages.
  • More armour, clothing, hair styles, more buildings and variety in all the artwork.
  • Audio and sound effects.

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