I’m making some plans for the overall world design at the moment.  I consider the current world map and population a placeholder really, so I’m gonna give you my ideas for the final thing.  Its not what I’m working on for the next update, I’m just sharing my plans:

  1. Firstly, I’m going to make things more dense.  A smaller size of the map will be loaded at one time, which will allow for more NPC population, encounters, and towns can be closer together.   There will be less uneventful long-distance running.
  2. I’m going to change the actual terrain map itself too, there’s a lot of map not in the game yet, so I’m going to add the cool new areas, size down some existing areas, and try to have less empty space like the endless dunes and the flat zone in the south west.
  3. The world map will have more distinct zones.  These zones will have different faction domination, races, different danger levels.  Some zones will be impossible to survive until you are very strong.  Eventually these zones will also have different creatures and biomes (eg grasslands, marsh, snow possibly, etc).
  4. I want some zones to have less of a focus on towns, and more on other stuff.  Like ruins, creature nests, natural formations, things to explore.
  5. The different map zones may have rare resources that are vital to certain areas of research.  This might force you to build a protected mining outpost to further your research, rather than one single mega-base.
  6. Originally I was going to expand the world map to be 4x bigger, but I might reduce that now.  As the game has a focus on building static structures that’s going to take away the practicality of long-range exploration, you aren’t going to want to travel vast distances away from your home base.  A smaller, denser map will also mean if your characters are split up across the map they can run to each-others aid a bit easier, so you can send out rescue parties, reinforce your HQ during attacks etc.  It will still be a bit bigger than the current map however.
  7. Once I have all the new character models and armours, the factions will be overhauled.  There will be a greater number and variety of factions and they will be more interesting.


Speaking of the new character models, here are the finished hi-poly male and female base-models:

There will be an updated character editor too, with controls for the face shape, new face skins, hair and beards.

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