Prospecting And Resources

The next update should be out in just a couple of weeks now. So far, we’ve tweeked and balanced the enemy squad populations and AI. Basically, attacks on your towns should be a bit more balanced in the future.

We’re also adding in the ability to survey areas for resources: Water, Fertility, Stone and Ore – so you’ll need to be smarter about where you build your base.

Here’s how it’s gonna work:

Prospecting ability

Select a character (the higher the science skill, the clearer the result) -> Click ‘Prospecting’ from the orders menu on the right. This will bring up a summary of resources in the immediate area…


When you build farms and mines etc, you will see a score underneath the ghost building. Each of these resources is given a score out of 100, you’ll be able to play around in build mode to find the best position.

Building kenshi

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