In the end I decided to work on weapon crafting.  So the next update should be a good one, it will add weapon research and crafting, ore mining, and a lot more research levels and upgrades for various things.  I’m also going to make the higher level research technologies take a lot lot longer to complete than the ones at the start.

Armour and clothing crafting will be added later after I have added in the new character/armour artwork, which will be quite soon.

It won’t be too long for the next update, probably about a week.  Progress speed partially depends on my ability to dodge PMs and emails and pretend they’re not there.


Here’s a list for you guys, of the next updates I’m planning (in rough order).  Remember that this is just the top of my list, it’s not everything.  Far from it.

  1. Weapon crafting and new research tiers (1 week)
  2. Walls
  3. New character + armour artwork, better character customisation.. Will replace everything, probably leaving all your characters naked after the update.
  4. Armour + clothing crafting.
  5. AI harassment, threats, raids and assaults on your base.
  6. Females
  7. Sound
  8. Crossbows, ranged combat
  9. New bigger world map, layout, and varied biomes.

I’ll stop there because I could go on forever.  The above list will take at least a good few months

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