The Hive Queen’s First Dance

A new dating sim from Lo-Fi Games set in the world of Kenshi

This is a pre-alpha without a loading screen that may take a little while to load (give it a click after a while). 


The Hive Queen’s First Dance

Here’s a sneaky pre-alpha peek at our new game – The Hive Queen’s First Dance, a title from Lo-Fi that combines the excitement of dating sims with the unique world of Kenshi.

You will be the star of the show, with potential suitors vying for your attention and affection. You’ll have the opportunity to get to know them through conversations and interactions, as you ultimately choose the one who is worthy of becoming your royal consort with benefits.

In true Kenshi style, your choices and actions will determine the outcome of the game, and ultimately decide who will join you at the Hive Queen’s First Dance

Whether you’re a fan of dating sims or simply looking for a new and exciting game to explore, The Hive Queen’s First Dance offers something for the romantic Kenshi fans out there. And yes, of course, we’ll be making a Shek edition.

Fully localised Japanese edition can be found ダウンロードはこちら.


Design, development, art faff, script, and additional music by Dan Page.

Based on an off-the-cuff concept from Chris (honestly, we didn’t take him away from Kenshi 2).

JP localisation by Meg.

Trailer production and voiceover by Kirsty Grove.

Main theme was Seduction Jazz by Francesco Biondi via Pixabay.

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