There’s a new update for those who haven’t noticed yet.  0.29 adds encumbrance to the game, so if you notice all your characters can only walk slowly now, then you need to lighten their inventories.

I think in the next update I will raise the lower limit for carry weight, I don’t want the player to spend all their time crawling slowly along and getting bored.


Here are the changes:


  • Encumbrance has an effect now. Your inventory and gear will weigh you down, making you move slower. How much you can carry depends on your strength.
  • Strength is also increased by walking about with a heavy inventory.  The heavier it is, the faster the increase.
  • Your encumbrance is shown in the inventory window.
  • The stats panel in the corner shows you if you are gaining strength or athletics XP based on your encumbrance.
  • Better look closely at your inventory now to see what you can still carry.  If you are one of those sneaky people with a shopkeepers backpack, you might want to get rid of it now.
  • Athletics skill is now functional.  Running at full speed without any encumbrance will improve it faster.


  • Inventory item icons now have transparency
  • Fixed the bug where 100’s of caravan traders could swarm around an area.  If you have this you will need to import to a new game to get rid of them.  Or kill them all.
  • Fixed another dialog system bug where you could hire Wingwang for free.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t lock your doors
  • Fixed the bug where you sometimes couldn’t loot bodies

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