0.32.0 is now available via the auto-updater.  The main purpose of the update is bug-fixing, but I also added a night/day cycle, with a clock in the corner of the HUD.


The main reason for the adding the day cycle now is that I need the game to have a concept of time.  The next update will be adding mining and possibly crafting, and I also need to do the “Harrasment & Taxes” update.  These need a concept of time, partly for the gameplay so you can have bandits saying “Have our money ready when we come back in 4 days!”.  And partly because it helps me tune the input/output rates of all the machines and resources to get things balanced.

Next update: Mining!
It won’t be too long either, because I’m nearly done already.

Here is the official changes for the newest update:

0.32.0 “Night & Day”

-Added night/day cycle.  Its only cosmetic for now, but it gives a concept of time, which is needed for next updates.  Make sure you have “Fancy Shaders” turned on in the options to avoid ugly graphics bugs.

-Fixed bug with buildings not showing fully again after entering them
-Reduced the occurence of the bug when enemies don’t go into ragdoll mode when they should.
-Minor performance boost, and possibly better stability in multi-threaded mode.
-Fixed inventory held by mouse cursor sometimes vanishing in certain curcumstances
-A few crash fixes
-Fixed bug where sometimes a character can’t move after getting up from ragdoll state
-Fixed newly recruited characters being un-clickable
-You don’t get bounty rewards from using your own cages now, and can only claim a bounty on a character once.
-Unconcious enemies no longer vanish when you save/load.  This might slow performance if you hang around in an area for a long time and the bodies start piling up.  Will add body decay or burial next update.

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