Version 0.33 is now out.  Its nothing exciting, but it fixes a ton of bugs and problems.  In the meantime I’m still working on the next big update called 0.40, which will add all the farming and brewing and mining and shop owning and stuff.

Just so you guys know, after 0.40 comes out in a few weeks the price is going to go up a little to $12.99 on the main website and $15.99 in the shops like Desura and Gamersgate, so buying before then is the cheapest you’ll be able to get it for!

Here’s the changes for the update.  I have named it “Oh wow it’s the big update! …Oh wait, no it’s not …that sucks.”

random screen that looked nice


This is just a stability update, fixes tons of bugs to help you guys suffer less while waiting for the big 0.40 update.

  • Dead NPC corpses now decay and vanish after about a day.  This is mainly for performance, so your base doesn’t end up with 1000 corpses around it.  As cool as that would be, it would kill performance.
  • You can now rename your towns/outposts


  • Fixed bug where dexterity could drop instead of increase
  • Fixed building furniture sometimes appearing above or below the buildings floor
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t put people in beds
  • Properly fixed the failed ragdoll bugs now
  • Fixed an inventory/stealing cheat
  • Little bugs fixed: flashing grey box when you open inventory, physics running while game is paused, cage crashes
  • Fixed the vanishing bounty character bug, when you carry a bandit a long way and he vanishes, or he vanishes from a cage
  • You can now create more than one player town and it will save properly
  • Fixed it when medics don’t always move on to the next patient
  • Fixed the blue inventory icons bug

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