A small update for fixes and stuff. More on the way soon.

Note that prospecting is a new feature and will undergo changes. I have temporarily added a “no prospecting” mod so that you can turn the feature off if you really don’t like it.

  • Fixed the “Haul” job. If you shift-click on a storage box then your character will automatically run around filling it with the outputs of other buildings.
  • The AI should deal with automatic machines better now, as well as other little inventory/hauling related problems
  • Made some tweeks to reduce the bug with the skipping ground collision
  • Fixed AI bug with bandits when their squad is wiped out and they don’t know what to do anymore.
  • Fixed the world not loading properly when you started a new game from the in-game menu
  • Fixed the sleeping upsidedown animation bug
  • Fixed the navmesh around the merc outpost


  • Wall placement improvements
  • more bugfixes

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