Update 0.68

This will be in the Steam experimental version only until most bugs are fixed.  If you want to try it out now, go to Kenshi in your Steam library, right click->properties->Betas and select Kenshi Experimental version.  You can always switch back again if it gives you problems.

If you don’t have the Steam version, remember you can use your game key to redeem it on Steam.  Once this new version has been stabilised it will appear in the other auto-updaters.

The new pathfinder system isn’t ready yet, but I have made a release of the new features so far.  The same old bugs with the walls and collision will persist until then I’m afraid, but it’s on the way.

  • Prospecting added.  The button in the bottom right makes your selected character analyse the surrounding terrain for resources, based on his science skill.
  • Farming, wells, mines etc are now dependent on the available resources in the area they are built.  Mines from old savegames will be capped at a certain minimum value if they happen to be in a low or zero yield area.
  • Random patrols passing by are now likely to attack your base and other towns
  • Production rebalanced: Most machines and mines need way less workers, and also have a more pronounced efficiency improvement with each upgrade.
  • Build speed doubled.
  • Added 3 new walls and gates, levels 3-5
New walls and gates
  • Turrets now snap to fixed wall positions
  • Added training turrets, so you can train your turret skills.
  • Added harpoon turrets!  Including a double barrel and 6-shot version, if you can find the blueprints.
Harpoon Turret
  • Added “Enable civilians in towns” to the options.  Turning off civilians will improve performance a little bit.
  • Added auto-save time to options


  • You now own and can dismantle the furniture in buildings that you purchase
  • Limited population slider options to 2x.  Too many people were setting it to 4 and wondering why the frame rate was so bad.  (you can still set higher than 2 by editing settings.cfg)
  • Fixed the storage chest not working, as well as a visual bug for storage boxes inventory
  • Fixed another inventory bug duplicating stacked items
  • Changed the name of the town of Catan/Capan to Catun.  Ssshhhh…
  • Made indoor buildings more tolerant and easier to place
  • Stopped gates and walls appearing red before you place them
  • Fixed the bug where clicking to attack an enemy that was too far away would make your characters just stand idle.
  • Fixed a bug with the female character editor limits using the male limits



  • 64-bit build, to prevent super-crashes
  • New pathfinding/movement system
  • Fixing the awkward wall placement interface

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