Update 0.94.x Notes

0.94.0 is out now! This is on experimental only, to opt-in you have to right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. 0.93.28 is the current stable version.


Note: The new map area isn’t 100% finished, wait a few more updates if you want to explore it at it’s best. As a result I’ve made a last minute decision to not release the very bottom part of the map until next update.


  • Active map area has (almost) doubled! New content and factions!
  • 全体的なパフォーマンスを改善しました。街に関してはまだ負荷がかかりますが、特にホーリーネーションの街では改善が見られるはずです。
  • 密輸が職業の選択肢になりました。麻薬や違法な商品を購入して、違法とされている場所で売却し、莫大な利益を手に入れましょう(買う場所と売る場所は自分で見つけなければなりません)。
  • It now gets wet when it rains. But, get this, it stays dry indoors.


  • 武器を持たない戦闘を追加しました。武器の使い方を習得するよりもかなり難しく設定されています。おそらく更なるバランス調整が必要です。長期間のゲームプレイで完全にテストされていません。


  • Overhaul of the the animation blending system, combat animations should blend more smoothly now
  • Fixed up the combat movement/flocking system
  • Also fixed most of the jittering in the movement system (not perfect yet)
  • Fixed the holy nation bounty collection
  • Fixed a common situation where NPCs wouldn’t help defend their teammates if they weren’t looking
  • Slightly reduced the cut damage of the Falling Sun
  • Combat XP rate is now also multiplied if you change the global combat damage option


  • Fixed vanishing furniture on import game
  • Fixed the main GUI displaying the wrong values for attack and defence skills
  • Removed a few things from the Stenn Desert to speed up performance
  • Fixed bar characters not spawning
  • Fixed some destroyed buildings not appearing in towns
  • Fixed randomly black buildings
  • Fixed a few crashes and visual bugs


  • Hotfix for the crashing, sorry i didn’t notice sooner


  • Temporary fix for a random crash in the terrain engine
  • Broken turrets fix (couldn’t reload)
  • Some memory optimisations
  • Other small things


  • A crashfix related to firing turrets


  • Some small AI tweaks, including a max range to AI weapon looting
  • Fix for invisible harpoons


  • Possible fix for the performance slowdown some people have reported since v94.3
  • slaves are now valued by skills
  • Fixed turrets to save how many harpoons they have loaded
  • Fixed interior not shown when inside a building and paused


  • hotfix for the crash when arriving in certain areas



Please report any bugs or problems to the Steam forum または official forum so that we can fix as soon as we can. Thank you 🙂

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