Update 0.95.10 Out Now (Experimental)

0.95.10 is out now! This is on experimental only, to opt-in you have to right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. 0.93.28 is the current stable version.


  • Fixed the crash on saving/loading
  • Fixed up the fogmen AI, some weren’t bringing victims back to the nests, and they weren’t always doing the worship thing
  • Increased the amount of fog men, there’s also a rare fog man swarm
  • Animals can now bash down your gates, no more raptors hanging around outside
  • Fixed the missing “tied to a pole” animation
  • Fixed an important missing dialog option for the construction trader
  • Fixed the rain not affecting farm water amount
  • Reduced the “too close to town” build limit
  • Fixed a bug with the AI sometimes not acknowledging mines as a resource source



  • Fix for doors being un-clickable if you jump back and forth between zones
  • A fix for NPCs being unable to hurt you when you are disguised as an ally
  • Fixed duplicated clothing appearing on hive characters
  • Emissive disabled when there’s no power to the light
  • Added the missing bar to Last Stand
  • Stopped battery charge changing when paused
  • Fixed a bug when loading a carried character and they drop in a random world position
  • Stopped random doors appearing when unloading
  • Farm fertility display popup fixed for fertility effect multiplier
  • A few crash fixes
Construction Set:
  • Automatically fills out duplicated translation lines (eg if there are 30 different lines that say “ok” then you only need to translate it once instead of 30 times)
  • Added translation stats to the construction set
  • added back the dialog export function for translations to use poedit
  • Fixed custom column sorting for filenames



  • Characters can no longer attack with their broken arms, they have to resort to kicks or whatever they can do
  • Likewise if your sword arm is broken you can’t block, so you’ll have to resort to dodging
  • Defensive combat mode now applies the +20 bonus to dodging if you are unarmed
  • Tweaked weapon animation selection, mainly to fix the mismatching polearms stance, but also to add variety for specific weapons to use unique stances
  • Reduced xp rate for toughness
  • Small bugfix for difficulty of clicking on characters while paused
  • a certain fix for AI/pathfinding with walls
  • Fixed a problem with npcs sometimes teleporting back on screen after walking off
  • Fixed the clouds
  • Fixed a certain import crash


Please report any bugs or problems to the Steam forum or official forum so that we can fix as soon as we can. Thank you 🙂

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