Update 0.98.34 Out Now!

Update 0.98.34 is out now! This is on the main stable branch.

Please report any bugs, gameplay or balancing feedback etc to either the Steam または Lo-Fi forums. Thank you



  • Re-Jiggered the map item system. Maps are now more useful, they will always unlock different locations to the ones you already know. There are now better maps in the shops that can specifially show you where to potentially find Ancient Science books or Engineering Research or whatever you are looking for.
  • It’s now possible to lose your pursuers properly. Before, when you were caught stealing or sneaking they would track you artificially wherever you ran. Now they will only be able to remember where they saw you last, plus a bit of extra projection (he went thataway), then they lose the trail.
  • Changed the auto eject intruders AI to a normal job assigned from the context menu
  • Fixed auto eject job from forcing walk mode
  • Added an auto eject job for throwing out of buildings, if you have a building in another factions town
  • AI no longer shoots at crawling characters with turrets. This way when bandits take over your base and pile your guys outside the gate you can crawl away without getting shot by the turrets
  • Changed medical state for robots from “Unconscious” to “Rebooting”
  • Some AI improvements to the occupy town behaviors. Bandits often thought they had occupied a town prematurely.
  • If your town has been occupied by bandits it no longer deters hostile campaign events. It still deters non-hostile ones, like traders and taxmen, so you don’t get in trouble when the bandits don’t pay your taxes
  • Crawling characters will now get up (if they can) when they are under attack
  • Medical tooltips now show the point at which you will die, useful when you have a worn-out robot character and don’t know what his HP is
  • Rain collector no longer works in acid rain
  • Research and crafting queues are now re-orderable with drag and drop


  • Fixed the hydroponic farms just giving 1 item per plant, instead of 2 or 3
  • Stopped being able to snap buildings to structures you don’t own
  • Another medic/robotics AI fix
  • Slightly improved turret snap node selection
  • Fixed bodyguard squad map markers becoming the wrong colour when platoon unloaded
  • Additional logging in game launcher for debug purposes



  • More fixes to the campaign AI, fixed premature retreats and cancellations when changing target
  • Fixed that bug where you would randomly see corrupted geometry flash up on the screen
  • Cannibals should now heal their captives if carrying them on a long journey
  • Fixed Luquin
  • Fixed Rebirth guards not catching escaping slaves
  • Fixed a crash with a certain map item
  • Fixed some escaped slave NPCs still getting tagged as escaped prisoners

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