Update 0.98.46 Out Now (Experimental)

Update 0.98.46 is out now on the Experimental branch! 0.98.38 remains on the main stable branch.

To opt in to the experimental version, right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. If opting in, please be aware of bugs, instability and unfinished content – for the best experience we recommend waiting for stable release… Please report any bugs, gameplay or balancing feedback etc to either the Steam or Lo-Fi forums. Thank you


  • Hotfix for the autosave loop issue


  • Added a new option to control town assault frequency. Not the events, but the bandits passing by who try to conquer your town. Realised the old option wasn’t working properly.
  • It can also be disabled completely. It defaults to [Normal]. For reference, the raid frequency before now was the one named [High], so the default should now be a little calmer. [Bombardment] has no limits whatsoever, so anything could happen.
  • Improved some of the audio ambience for the buildings
  • Fixed a saving bug

WEAPON REBALANCE – All this rebalancing has not been heavily tested yet, so I appreciate feedback.

  • Katana types now have a penalty to armour penetration, to compensate for their superior speed and lightness
  • Katanas have a 10% damage bonus vs humans, but a 50% penalty against robots
  • Hacker types have a bonus to armour penetration, because that’s what they’re all about.
  • Polearms do more damage

ARMOUR REBALANCE – The idea was to mix things up a little so instead of some armours being better or worse it’s now more balanced, the stronger ones have more weaknesses, and the weaker ones have more strengths.

  • Heavy armours now have slightly reduced coverage. No heavy plate armour can have 100% coverage on a bodypart, to reflect the gaps in the plates.
  • Heavy and plate armour now pretty much makes stealth skills impossible, and give a penalty to crossbow skills due to being more cumbersome
  • Chainmail now slows your combat speed slightly, and is a little worse for stealth, the blackened mail is no longer ridiculously better than the others
  • Medium and light armours now have less cut-converted-into-stun damage penalty, especially the coats and leather shirts
  • Plated Rags are now better for stealth
  • Lots of other stat tweaks and changes that you will have to find on your own.


  • Finally finished distributing all the Cross grade weapons in the world. Most of it’s in the new map area, but a couple have been moved around in the current zone.
  • Fixed that random crash that has been plaguing us for ages
  • Fixed old squads suddenly appearing from nowhere or duplicating on imports


  • Hotfix for a new, different crash


  • Mini patch to add some more debug data, for it seems the random crash still plagues us after all. I shall call it: Crash X


  • Finished adding robot limb crafting. It’s expensive though, you’ll need a lot of AI cores for anything above Economy Limbs
  • Though Crash X’s plague continues, more in depth we have gone with the debug data, hunting, ever hunting, each day closer to our prey.
  • Fixed a blank building interior bug
  • Fixed a possible squad disappearance bug


  • “Passive” button added back in, to keep certain characters out of trouble
  • Fixed slavers attacking you for kidnapping their slave a split second after buying the slave off you
  • Fixed enemies sometimes rescuing their leader and putting him in your bed because it’s nearest and they don’t think you’re enemies anymore, and then repeatedly picking him back up again once he’s in bed because he looks like he needs rescuing again.
  • Fixed bar beds being unusable
  • You know when a machine crafting an item would be at 99% progress just as it ran out of materials? That shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • We fixed Crash X, but such creatures are crafty and cannot be trusted, so we have yet to celebrate by painting ourselves in it’s blood.

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