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Update 1.0.10 Out Now | Kenshi | An Open Ended, Squad Based RPG

Update 1.0.10 Out Now

Update 1.0.10 is out now!

Please report any bugs or feedback to either the Steam or Lo-Fi forums. Thank you.


  • French missing data updated


  • Fixed again that pesky bridge in Rebirth
  • A fix for the AI constantly alternating between self preservation and another task
  • Announcement dialogs shouldn’t get repeated, but if they do it won’t keep snapping the camera to the location anymore, only once per raid
  • A fix for characters in crowds sometimes getting pushed through walls
  • Buildings town reassigned when new player outpost created (for walls). If you built your town walls before anything else they would be assigned the wrong town and the AI builders would ignore them.
  • ポルトガル語
    • Spanish tweaks
    • French update


  • A small number of people are getting an unexplained random crash, this is an experiment to see if something we did fixes it
  • A bug sometimes gives player buildings the wrong town, not sure how but sypmtoms of this will be the AI not getting food or items or building things. With this update you should be able to fix any broken towns by importing.


  • Fixed being able to reorder research to skip prequisites
  • Fixed multi-line datapanel text overlapping
  • AI fix where a crippled character with un-healable legs would still keep trying to heal them
  • Fixed some bugs with corpse disposal AI
  • Slaves can no longer claim bounties on other slaves in a slave camp
  • Fixed an AI bug in Okran’s Shield where prisoners were all getting piled up by a be
  • ポルトガル語
    • Japanese, french, german, portugese, spanish missing data updated


  • Combat spark effects added
  • “Entered new biome” notification sound
  • Fixed a crash that could be caused by a bad mod


  • Truncated research data panel lines if name is too long
  • AI fallback for bad nest locations
  • Fixed game crashing if install path has non-ascii character
  • ポルトガル語
    • Changed the launcher saying spanish was incomplete, because it’s not, it’s finished
    • Spanish tweaks for some stat names being too long to fit on their GUI lines


  • Fixed the City Hero gang waiting for you by the wrong gate in Heng.
  • If you defend yourself from the City Heroes or similar bandits you should no longer get attacked by the guards
  • Fixed carpets disappearing from your buildings on re-load
  • 2 crash fixes, one caused by re-ordering the research list


  • A fix that should solve the problem of buildings and walls sometimes getting assigned to the wrong town, which led to bugs like characters not getting food or not building things
  • Nests can no longer spawn in inaccessible locations
  • More NPC AI fallback for bad nest locations
  • The point at which your health causes you to go into a coma, based on toughness, is now moddable in the FCS: [“max toughness ko point”
  • ポルトガル語
    • German update


  • Lots of AI fixes for police, so they shouldn’t now forget to heal or release any prisoners
  • Fixed animation modding crash
  • Fixed gamedata modIndex value for modded animation load orde
  • ポルトガル語
    • Japanese update


  • Font scaling should be improved, increasing font size should no longer over-increase the line spacing
  • The font scaling slider in the options should no longer crash
  • Fixed animals sometimes replying to human speech
  • Fixed the bridge in Rebirth (again)
  • Doors use name of parent building in context menu
  • AI fix for inacessible walled off towns with an internal gate

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