Update On The Next Update

A quick progress update on what’s happening for version 0.30.  In the end I decided to do some massive code restructuring and put the entire physics system on a background thread.  In lay-mans terms, that means vastly reduced world map load times and slightly increased performance.

I’ve also fixed up the level-editor so I can re-populate towns at the press of a button.  Makes it easier for me to add new shop-types and special guilds.

So no new gameplay features, but I’ve laid some important fundamentals down that needed doing.

I’m going to add in flophouses, so you will have to pay now to sleep in towns.

And lots of bug-fixes and stuff.

Well, that was exciting.  Aren’t you excited?  Yes you are.

And of course my artists are still working, the female model is now done and just needs texturing.  And rigging.  And exporting.  And clothes and armours.

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