Update: The ‘Make Pretty’ Plan

The situation is this.  Kenshi needs art.  Now I can make a little art go a long way by programming all clever-like, but to get art I need one of two things.  Money, or popularity.  Money I don’t have.  Popularity = more people = more volunteer artists + more volunteer enthusiasm (essential).  So over the next few months I’m sprucing up the visuals.  I’m going to strain my own meagre art skills to the limit, and implement some fancy graphical / environmental effects, and actually make a proper bit of terrain.  Later on I’ll be making more videos to show off some of the gameplay features.

So there should be lots of interesting screenshots coming over the next few months.  Heres one of my recent experiments.  The game won’t look like this, I just included it because it looks so cool.


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