Pathfinding Delays

Our immediate roadmap has changed lately, and I’d like to show you guys how and why.

The new pathfinding system has been pushed back behind 2 other features.  First is the new wall building features, which has now been made waaayyy more user friendly and will be in the next update.  This was a major source of complaints and I wanted it thrown in sooner because it was only a weeks work and otherwise would have had to wait many more weeks for the pathfinding to finish.

Secondly we are working on making a 64-bit build, which is super-high priority as it will fix Kenshi’s biggest problem right now: the “super crash”, which is the game crashing due to reaching the 3.5gb memory limitation of 32-bit windows.  This is a bigger job as our terrain engine is a closed-source 32-bit library.  Which in layman’s terms means that we have to replace it ’cause we can’t get inside it.  Don’t worry though, it will still look pretty much the same and have the huge view distances.

Then we will finish off the pathfinding system.  Because of the nature of Kenshi, incorporating a path-finding system into it is a seriously huge and fiddly job. This is mainly due to the seamless terrain being combined with the player’s ability to freely place buildings, hence altering the landscape. Adding path-finding to a concept like this is no easy task, as any kind of building placement greatly affects the way the path-finding works.  On top of that it needs to analyse wall layouts and calculate in real-time whether things are inside or outside various configurations of town walls, and deal with characters moving long-range all over the world.  This hasn’t really been done before… it’s kinda groundbreaking stuff!

These are our highest priorities right now and we really do appreciate everyone’s patience on this.

For the time being, you can find help on path-finding related bugs and fixes ダウンロードはこちら. And don’t forget, the next update (due tomorrow!) will include a huge frame rate boost – the game should run a hell of a lot smoother and speedier from there on out.

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