AI & Performance Boost

The next mini-update should be out in about a week, this will make the game run real nice and fast. There’s going to be a big frame rate boost; a couple of extra difficulty settings in the options and game-start scenarios; plus a few AI tweaks to make things a little more realistic and challenging….

Just a few examples:

  • Bandits will now be able to actually catch you if you have a lower running speed, are injured or are stumbling
  • Toughness and Strength stats will have more of an effect on degeneration rate and max blood. This means rookies will die more easily than veterans
  • Fixed bug where characters ‘freeze up’ in battle.
  • Improved combat AI for outnumbered character
  • Running Away

The big path-finding update is still to come in a month or so, so for now please be patient with the weird catapulting characters and walking through wall bugs… These will fixed with the new Havok AI system but for now, if you have any problems, here are a few common issues:

  • Unconscious characters teleport when picked up and put back down
  • Characters ignore orders to close gates
  • Characters walk through walls
  • Characters get stuck in buildings & doorways
  • Characters get stuck together

If a character gets stuck, try the following:

  • Pick up and put down stuck character
  • Import/load game and check “reset position only”

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