Stuff I’ve Been Doing Pt. 2

Buildings!  Thats what I’ve been doing.  They now have proper interiors with stuff in, and the walls turn invisible when you go inside:


So I now have the advantage of a massive seamless terrain, with seamlessly integrated building interiors.  There are a few limitations that result from all this seamlessness however.  Firstly the when the walls vanish the interior looks kind of like a thin paper shell rather than thick walls.  Secondly I cannot make the building’s walls vanish independently, meaning that if one building goes invisible-walls mode, then all the other buildings do as well.

In other words, it doesn’t look great but its a fair trade-off for an entirely seamless world with a high frame-rate.  Meaning its better for gameplay as fights can spill into buildings and archers can shoot from windows.

I hope to have as much of the interior furniture dynamic too, meaning stuff can get knocked over in a fight and bodies go flying out of windows as you are walking past.  The problem I face with this though, is if an interior gets messed up, when and how do I tidy it all up again without the player noticing?

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