Update 0.72.1 Experimental

You can now download the latest Experimental build, non-Steam, via:

This is mainly meant to be a bug-fixing update, but I got carried away and added some AI stuff.

Currently it’s only in the opt-in “Experimental” branch, but if it goes will I will update it into the main branch. 32-bit exe is now included too.


  • Wandering adventurers can be hired as bodyguards
  • Unarmed NPCs can loot bodies for a weapon if needed.
  • Some jerks might just loot everything while they’re at it.
  • NPCs and bandits will equip gear they loot if it’s better than theirs.
  • Armour can be tagged as a uniform. If a faction sees you wearing their looted uniforms…
  • Sell value of loot has been halved.


  • Animal backpacks can no longer be worn by people
  • Fixed problem with characters stopping what they were doing after you place a building
  • A lot of dialog system features and fixes, including the problem where you couldn’t talk to following characters because they would run away
  • Fixed characters forgetting their jobs or disabling machines when changing squad
  • Pathfinding improvements for combat pushing NPCs off the navmesh, and NPCs getting stuck on corners of ramps
  • Fixed import games with multiple squads
  • Fixed the cannibals running back to the village and just getting stuck circling in the centre
  • Fixed the chase behavior a bit



  • Fixed animals not fighting
  • Fixed squads getting the “Wildlife” faction and being hostile to all
  • A few crashes that were introduced by 0.72

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