Update 0.74.24

Our recent patches over the last week, available in the Steam stable branch:


  • Fixed the bug where characters could still “see” their squadmates from miles away and would run across the map to help them
  • Fixed re-captured slaves going back to escaped slave status
  • Fixed the “chase” mode order, so characters shouldn’t run off so much, but it’s not been tested much yet
  • Bandits won’t get so obsessed with picking up dropped items they cant get to
  • a possible fix for characters getting teleported outside of the known world
  • fixed the wandering trader AI doing nothing
  • Fixed turrets doing 1 damage again. Naughty turrets.
  • Fixed the dismantle all button on walls
  • Fixed wall placement snapping to position the wrong way around
  • Fixed character AI preferring melee to using turrets
  • Lots of AI bugfixes relating to fighting with turrets, and attacking gates (WIP)



  • Fixed creature nests not spawning anything
  • Fixed the suicidal follow AI behavior
  • Fixed breaking shackles with brute strength
  • Fix for the player outpost renaming
  • Stability fixes

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