Update 0.95 Out Now (Experimental)

0.95.5 is out now! This is on experimental only, to opt-in you have to right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. 0.93.28 is the current stable version.


  • Unlocked more of the map with a new major faction.


  • Characters don’t randomly get wet when created
  • Small fixes for stuff like light emissive materials, a road-following bug, weird grass shinyness during rain


  • Fixed the fog islands zone
  • Fixed some problems with importing
  • Fixed random black inventory icons
  • Fixed characters in character editor showing on top of each other at start.
  • Fixed a few crashes


  • Added a block for “thrust” direction, so you can now block unarmed and animal attacks
  • Tweaked the formula for character muscle visibility. Its no longer affected by strength (which now only affects bulk) or toughness. The idea is to make characters end up looking a bit different to each other based on their skills (as opposed to everyone just ending up big and muscular)
  • –the new formula is: max(dexterity, martialArts) * 3.f + (athletics + swimming) – (cooking + science);


  • Fixed a bug that was messing up the combat movement and making everybody bunch up too close
  • Fixed block animations not playing. How did nobody notice that?
  • Fixed some flickery animations and some animation bugs


  • Added dodging to the combat system. You dodge when unarmed, and it can also be used to break out of stun-lock states
  • Characters now have rear-direction block animations
  • Tweaked the camera limit so you can look upwards a little more
  • A messagebox now tells you what item caused you to get arrested for smuggling
  • Made block animation blending look a little nicer
  • Added sound effect for barefoot characters
  • Added the plastic surgeon to empire towns
  • Added a few more combat stance animations for different weapons


  • Fixed bounties getting deducted instead of awarded
  • Fixed a bug with populating towns (mongrel was a victim)
  • Fixed AI cores not getting spawned (needs import)
  • Fixed NPCs coming into your base to work at your farms
  • Fix for charater direction jittering when moving very slowly
  • Fixed some visual bugs in the wetness system
  • Fixed crash upgrading turrets in while use
  • More tweaks for crowded combat movement
  • Fixed the bar squads duplicating when loading a game or returning to an area


  • Added some feedback arrows to stealth mode
  • Added options setting for displaying the floating damage numbers
  • Increased amount of food sold in bars


  • Fixed a particular AI hauling bug


  • The construction set now has a “translation mode” for using to translate the dialogue
  • Dismantling buildings now gives back some of the materials
  • Characters now feel the weather.
    • Dust storms strongly affect visibility and hearing range, and prevent tracking by smell
    • Rain affects visibility and hearing range a small amount
    • Certain clothing can protect you from the elements. Goggles are good in dust storms.
  • Some fine-tuning for stealthy raids:
    • NPC hear range is halved when you are indoors and they are not (or vise-versa). Range is halved again if the door is closed
    • alarm range is halved, and gets halved again if you are indoors, and then halved again if the buildings door is closed
    • stealth knockouts take into account your visibility more, and you can’t knockout someone if they are in combat unless they are totally unaware of you
    • Tweaked the follow AI for escaping slaves/prisoners so if you make a run for it they will keep up rather than stay behind trying to fight everyone
    • guards standing outside of a building will no longer keep the door open
    • Fixed a bug with some slaves not reacting when you free them
    • shopkeepers won’t talk to you if you are an enemy
  • Armour can now have skill bonuses for unarmed, dodge, and fist damage.
  • Backpacks now negatively impact dodging
  • Added more slaves to the slave towns
  • Low-level slaves are a bit more likely to join you, others like captured bandits now a little less likely.
  • Encumbrance and other penalties have a slightly lower effect on move speed


  • Fixed the trade window when you talk to a sleeping trader
  • Fixed non-player faction relations all being 0 on import


Please report any bugs or problems to the Steam forum または official forum so that we can fix as soon as we can. Thank you 🙂

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