Update 0.98.48 Out Now

Update 0.98.48 is out now on the Experimental branch! 0.98.47 is out on the main stable branch.

To opt in to the experimental version, right-click on Kenshi in your Steam games list -> properties -> betas tab -> then choose “experimental”. If opting in, please be aware of bugs, instability and unfinished content – for the best experience we recommend waiting for stable release… Please report any bugs, gameplay or balancing feedback etc to either the Steam or Lo-Fi forums.

For more details on what has been added to the stable branch, please check the patchnotes ダウンロードはこちら


  • Fixed mounted buildings (turrtets and lights) having incorrect town on import
  • Fixed HOLD button not disabling hold mode
  • Fixed an AI glitch with the auto-sit if the target chair was un-built and clashed with ditch resources
  • Fixed dead bodies disappearing when being carried
  • Fixed a crash


  • Added more content for town overrides and faction world states
  • Fixed cannibal/fogmen not kidnapping people if far from town
  • Player owned buildings in towns no longer get erased when a town gets destroyed due to world reaction events
  • Slightly increased the global number of science artifacts to compensate for them spreading out to the new un-released zone
  • Added race limits to certain game starts (eg holy nation start has to be a human), added a few more basic game start-off options
  • Fixed NPCs using the players cages for prisoner storage/collection again.
  • Fixed world apocalypse if you made it to 6:04am on day 3495
  • Fixed looting dead pack animals from caravans not counting as theft
  • Fixed slavers duplicating slave rags when equipping new slaves, resulting in piles of slave clothes everywhere
  • Slavers don’t get so carried away attacking bad slaves that have already been re-captured
  • Fixed some foliage rocks sometimes having incorrect dust colour
  • Fixed negative medic stats never increasing
  • Fixed dialog crowd trigger bug that messed up the Esata event
  • Fixed player towns becoming undiscovered when loaded after imports
  • Fixed a couple small crashes

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