I had a new interview a short while back, and only just found it, so here’s the link if you are interested in the inspiration and underlying concepts of the game:


I’ve been rather quiet the last month or so, I was keeping my head down so I could concentrate on restructuring some of the physics code.  All done now, and the next update is now ready via the auto-updater.

You will notice a couple of town layouts might have changed, notably the starting town.  You also might notice that some bandits have reward bounties shown in their info.  That’s something coming in the next update 0.31.

Here are the changes:

0.30.0 “Re-Population”

Lots of huge internal changes, but it won’t seem like much has changed gameplay wise


  • Massive code restructure.  Put entire physics system on the background thread, slight performance increase and world load times are now just a couple seconds.
  • Flophouses added to some towns, you have to pay to use the beds.
  • Made a town auto-population function so it will be easy to add new guilds and shops etc


  • Fixed the new ghost towns bug (will need a restart/import to fix it if you have this bug)
  • Fixed the level editor crash
  • Enemy prisoners are now considered non-enemies, so passing squads won’t attack them.
  • Crash dumps give me a bit more information now, not that you really care.
  • Lots of fixes


A big bunch of bugfixing

  • More options for importing your squad to a new game.  You can import your buildings too, or use it to just reset all your characters positions if someone gets stuck on a roof or something.


  • Fixed lots of combat spazzing behavior, especially in 2 vs 1 fights, tweeks to the combat AI too
  • Fixed crash on loading game
  • Fixed the mental shopkeepers
  • Fixed crash when you pick someone up
  • Fixed the ghost town bug even more.  Now its like, 200% fixed.
  • Other crash fixes
  • I’m getting closer to fixing the Black terrain bug that some people are getting but this will take some time, as I am entirely dependant on help from people on the bug forums.

Bounty hunting! Certain NPCs will have bounties, if you take one down you will have to carry them to a police station to claim your reward.  Be careful, you will only get 50% if they’re dead.

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