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Blog #28: New Horizons

Kenshi Post Launch How has the Kenshi 1.0 launch gone since December? We think it’s gone pretty good!… Kenshi has been getting some amazing attention since


1.0 Out Now!

Kenshi version 1.0 is now out! After 12 years of working alone, working as a six man team, shrinking back to a four man team, and


Player Stories

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a competition for the best player stories that show just how uniquely poignant Kenshi can be. No official store


Reddit AMA Next Thursday

Hi all… Chris will be doing a Reddit AMA next Thursday 9th October! The team’s been extra quiet this last few months while we grind away


Four Become Six

Updates and announcements are a little slow at the moment while we work on the 64-bit build to fix the super crash (see previous post) and


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