0.40.2 Update

0.40.2 is now released, so all the MAJOR bugs and crashes should be fixed.

Insanely complicated bit of code this walls business.  Aside from making the building process all user-friendly, and the complications of making dynamic changes to the navigation mesh in-game, in a seamless world, there’s also the AI’s need to be able to tell when his target or destination is within fortified walls, are the walls sealed, can we get inside, can we bash the gate down, should we bash the gate down… etc.  And that’s as well as the fact that walls are a fixed length so making the end-point of them match up to the start position is impossible, and that players can build them inside out without realising…

So that’s why I thought I’d take walls out temporarily until the next update.  But then I forgot to.  So instead just remember these things:

  1. Don’t build more than one gate in your town walls, or gates within gates or anything like that, or you will get AI problems
  2. The crafting benches don’t do anything yet, so don’t build them.
  3. Don’t build your gates and walls facing outwards.  I’ll have to invent some code to auto-detect this and turn them around.

The next update will focus mainly on bugfixing the walls and gates, after that its worker AI and crafting.

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