0.47.0 Released

The new update is out, and it’s a pretty good one:
0.47.0 “Blueprints”

  • Inventory now has a handy “Auto arrange” button
  • Various research can now be bought at shops in the form of blueprints.  You have to buy the basic blueprints in order to build a base now.  Get them from the construction trader, the guy who sells the building materials
  • New shops for the construction trader.
  • You can now craft medkits
  • Researching the next Technology level now costs money.
  • Different weapon types for crafting must be obtained via blueprints, available at weapon shops.
  • Equipment shops vary based on the local faction.  For example, The Holy Nation specialises in cleavers.
  • Crafting benches now have their own separate crafting queues, rather than having one queue that automatically chose a bench to assign the job to.
  • You can mod the min/max character proportions by editing data/male_editor.cfg
  • Item values are now calculated dynamically from the value of the materials they are made from


  • Can’t build wells or farms anymore? You need to buy the blueprints now.
  • The old medium and light plate armours have now been deleted, you might want to sell them before updating.


  • Fixed building placement on other objects
  • A few AI fixes for operating machines
  • reduced chances of characters spawning under a buildings floor


Next release:

Kole is close to releasing the first audio.  It will include some sound effects and music, but not everything yet.

Chris Roberts is nearly finished with the female models too, so that will be in the next update.

I will finish armour crafting.  I didn’t quite have time to make it for this release.

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